What is Packaging & Labelling?

Packaging refers to the process of designing and developing a suitable package for enclosing and holding the product so that it can be easily covered and secured. In contrast, labeling refers to the text, design, symbol, logo, instructions and suggestions for usage etc

Why Packaging & Labelling design important?

Packaging and labelling directly impact sales and profits as they offer detailed information on the price, quality, quantity, usage, ingredients, and features of the products. They also display the brand logo and message that help the customer find the product easily by creating a recall value.

What are the purposes of packaging and package labels?

Packaging and package labeling have several objectives:

  • Physical protection
  • Barrier protection 
  • Containment or agglomeration
  • Information transmission 
  • Marketing
  • Security 
  • Convenience
  • Portion control 
  • Branding/Positioning